Our business will close for good on August 29th!  

​Regretfully, we will be closing our business at the end of August to get to a brand new adventure! Therefore, we won't be accepting new clients to be able to accommodate our current ones.

We will miss you dearly, you've been a part of our family and it will be the hardest step in our career to say goodbyes to you. We hope to stay in touch with all of you!

Welcome to Stretchologist!

The word STRETCHOLOGIST described best what we do; Thai Massage and Myofascial Release are both stretch-based techniques and together create unique blend of relaxation and therapeutic benefits, such as increased flexibility, improved posture and pain relief. 

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is focusing on the connective tissue (fascia). Fascia is a "material" that connects cells together into tissues (muscles, bones or organs) and tissues into the whole body system.
     Modern science is now recognizing the major influence of the fascia on posture and finds many pain issues are related to imbalance of the fascial system caused by trauma, accident or poor posture.
     If any of those occur, over time, fascia starts to tighten to protect the affected area. Because all is surrounded by fascia, the compression of the fascia influences other structures - blood vessels or nerves. This pressure may quite often equal for 2000lb/square inch. In other words as if a horse was standing on your muscle, nerve or artery.
     Releasing fascia with long-holding stretches, that are used in John F. Barnes' approach to Myofascial Release, can relieve this pressure, providing profound therapeutic effect and longer lasting results. 

Thai Massage - also called "Lazy man's yoga" - is centuries old technique that combines the benefits of yoga and relaxation. Its roots reach 2500 years back into India. It was designed as an assisted form of yoga to promote health benefits as a part of medical treatments.

​     Over time, this technique was preserved in its original form in Thai monasteries, where it was practiced as a healing art by buddhist monks. 

     Thai Massage practitioner uses compression and stretching techniques, which bring the client through variety of range of motions to address client's issues. Overall, getting Thai Massage regularly contributes to improved flexibility, relaxation and overall sense of openness. 

We have provided our services in Lisle since 2007, helping clients from Lisle, Naperville, Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove, Woodridge, Wheaton, Bolingbrook and other areas of Western Suburbs of Chicago.