I finally found someone who can give me the  "proper" massage. Jaja listened to what was hurting then proceeded to work on exactly the muscles and area that needed attention. Her knowledge of myofascial release and how the muscles are connected is evident. I've had relaxing massages in the past, but I needed a therapeutic massage and Jaja delivered.

Tim J.

The massage felt great. I wish the time did not fly by. Also important is Jaja's initial assessment and observations that pinpointed problems and helped me identify likely causes that I have been able to correct. Patrick S.

I had an amazing experience. Felt great during and after. Actually fell asleep :-) scheduled my 2nd appointment for 2 days later! Thank you :-) Rebecca R.


Myofascial Stretching

​​Myofascial Stretching is based on John F. Barnes' Myfoascial Release approach.
​Less intense stretches with longer holds have greater impact on connective tissue. Resulting tightness release will stay longer.

Thai Bodywork

​Also called the "Lazy man's yoga", Thai Massage uses variety of compression and stretches to relax and loosen tight muscles and open up energy channels to restore balance between mind, body and spirit.

Myofascial Release

​​Myofascial Release works with the connective tissue in the body - the fascia. It is a gentle technique affecting tissues deep within the body. Restriction in fascia might cause postural imbalances and compression, causing pain.

The Thai Massage with Jaja is always very relaxing and I'm always very relaxed and more flexible afterwards. Jaja is very knowledgable and finds the troublesome spots and works on them. Bob J.

I've been a client for close to a year now and find each session to be relaxing and helpful for increasing flexibility. I definitely recommend Jaja and I will continue to be one of her clients. B. R.

I had other massages before (Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports). I heard from friends regarding JaJa and that it's a Thai massage. I love that she doesn't use any messy oils. You can show up in comfortable work out clothes. She was able to pinpoint your problems and focus on that. Also, JaJa has very personable demeanor (which is nice). G.V.